These profiles are examples of people who have returned to the region to build a successful future.

Click on the names below to view the full profiles.

Brad McDonald
Marcy Buttle
Bill Talbot Susan Leduc & Terry Lemieux
Marc Fournier & Wannetta Simon Tracey Leotta
Stacey Starrak Kim Poirier & Brian Jackaman
Jennifer Morin Jennifer Roy
Juliette Barnaby Mark Stone
Darcy Gray Trevor Buttle
Trudy Fairservice Anna Mattos
Joe Dow Jennifer Labillois Mettallic
Heather McWhirter Nadia-Karina Minassian
Harry Babin Cynthia LePoidvin
Marjorie & Jeffery Robinson Karen Martin
Treena Mettallic Sarah Hayes
Nicole Mettallic Kristy Larose
Suzanne Landry Josie Lynn Synnot & Casey Kennedy
Jason Willet Allen Richards
Tammy Barnaby Corey & Crystal Aubie
Pamela McGuire

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